Friday, January 12, 2018

Some space apps

I've installed some apps and these are my favorite that are related to space:

First of we have Sky Map.
It's a great app if your one of those people how like looking at things in space, you chose to want you to want to see (stars, planets, galaxies...) and it shows were they are in real time. It might seem like not a cool app but its one of those things that you got to try for yourself to appreciate it's full potential.

And for second and last I'm going to be talking about the NASA app.
If you like space news but don't want to search for them or keep up to date on the most recent news about the subject then you shud really try this app, it will give you the most recent news about NASA compleated with images, videos audios... If you like the subject it's a great app.

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