Friday, January 12, 2018

Some space apps

I've installed some apps and these are my favorite that are related to space:

First of we have Sky Map.
It's a great app if your one of those people how like looking at things in space, you chose to want you to want to see (stars, planets, galaxies...) and it shows were they are in real time. It might seem like not a cool app but its one of those things that you got to try for yourself to appreciate it's full potential.

And for second and last I'm going to be talking about the NASA app.
If you like space news but don't want to search for them or keep up to date on the most recent news about the subject then you shud really try this app, it will give you the most recent news about NASA compleated with images, videos audios... If you like the subject it's a great app.

Monday, January 1, 2018

My new favorite app in my smart phoneis called Anchor.
This app is a social network but with audio.

How this works is that you have your station and you can upload a new audio about what you want and after 24 hours the audio is no longer visible, if you want to listen to it again you must mark the audio as a podcast and it will be shone in your profile.

You can listen to other stations, star them, clap their audios and comment on some audios. You can also Call In stations, basically sending audios to a station, later the creator can decide to post that recording to his station for everybody to see.

It's just one of thouse things that you have to try.

If you decide to try it out and don't now were to start you can see my station:

You can lisen to my first audio here:

Your browser does not support HTML5 audio.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Body mass index calculator

In this case, we are going to see how to calculate a person's body mass index.
The formula to calculating it is:
So the code I made is this:

 p=int(input('Tell me your weight.(kg)'))  
 x=int(input('Tell me your height.(cm)'))  
 if r<=25:  
   print('Your body mass index is',round(r),'and you are thin.')  
 elif r>=30:  
   print('Your body mass index is',round(r),'and you are fat.')  
   print('Your body mass index is',round(r),'and you are normal.')  

  • First to know the person's mas weight and height we ask the using input
  • Then I do the operations for height: pass the cm to m and square it
  • Do the rest of the operations
  • And depending on your number giving the result 
An example of what the running code would look like:

The source to all the mathematical values are in Wikipedia

Thursday, December 28, 2017

How to start programming Python

Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language. It can be used to make applications,  games, powering web-pages…

To install Python on your computer go to

For Windows:

You will be asked to install Python 3.6.4 or 2.7.14, you can install whichever you want (I would install the latest version).
After downloading, something like this will appear:

If you don’t know what you are doing just choose “Add Python 3.6 to PATH” and “Install Now” options.

For Mac:

The process is very straightforward, simply accept the conditions, choose where to install it, etc.

For Linux:

It normally comes pre-installed but it might be an older version, if you want to update do like in Mac

Now that we have Python installed we can start coding, search o  your computer for “IDLE” from there you will find a terminal to start programming in python.

But you don´t have to go through this mess to code in Python, you can install a code editor called “Pycharm”, It’s a very useful editor from where you can execute your code directly on the editor, it has debugging and you can run many programs at the same time.

Or you can even skip all that and program in your web browser using CodeSkulptor or

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Generate numbers from 1-5

Ther are many ways to print the first five integer numbers. I’m going to give you three different ways to make this happen:

  • In the first method, we use “for” with “range”: “i” will begin empty and obtain different values every time “i” gets a new value it will be printed.
  • For the second method, we again use “for” but the maximum range for “i” is 5 and every time we print “i” we add one.
  • For the third example, we use “while” so while “j” is smaller than 6 print “j” and ad 1 to “j”

To make the separation on the different examples I used two different sorts of methods: In the first, there isn't really much to it, just print a bunch of underscores. But in my second I used this, “print("_" * 40) print("\n")”, at first I print 40 times “_” but I could have chosen any sort of symbol, after that I ad “print(“\n”)” wich only leaves a small sapace after each line 

The code:

 # Generate numbers from 1-5  
 #Method 1. With For  
 for i in range(1, 6):  
 #Method 2. With For (A variant)  
 for i in range(5): #var i takes the values from 0 to 4  
 #Method 3. With While  
 print("_" * 40)  
 while (j<6 ):  
   j =j+ 1     # j += 1  

The terminal:

Friday, September 22, 2017

Que diferencia a Google music de sus competidores

Hay mucha polémica con que reproductor de música utilizar. Cada uno tiene sus preferencias, y eso es bueno, pero voy a intentar convenceros de que "Google Play Music" es mejor que sus competidores.

En Play music tienes dos opciones: pagar o no pagar. En la que nos vamos a fijar es en la versión gratuita y todo lo que consigues de forma totalmente gratis.

Las características principales que diferencian a Google en esta disputa son estos puntos:
1.      Google te permite tener un máximo de 50.000 canciones antes de pedirte que pagues.
2.     No tiene ningún tipo de anuncios ni molestias.
3.     No te permitirá tener toda la música que quieras, ni mucho menos gratis, pero si te has descargado esa música previamente te permite subirla a su aplicación.
4.      Es compatible con "Chromecast music". Esta es una cualidad la cual no todo el mundo podrá apreciar ya que tendrás que tener el propio Chromecast.
5.     Uno de los motivos por los cuales mucha gente so querrá cambiar si ya está con otro servicio es por subir todas sus canciones a Google Music. Pero hay esta genial aplicación llamada "Music Manager" su función es subir toda la música que quieras a tu cuenta de Google Music. 
Más información de Google Music o Music Manager.

Obviamente, estas características no les sirven a todos, pero si no quieres pagar por tu música, tienes menos de 50.000 canciones es una de las mejores aplicaciones, por no decir la mejor, para música.

Y lo más importante de todo es que es GRATIS.

There is a lot of controversies with which music player to use. Everyone has their preferences, and that's good, but I'll try to convince you that "Google Play Music" is better than its competitors.

In Play music, you have two options: pay or don´t pay. The one we are going to look at is the free version and everything you get totally free.

The main features that differentiate Google in this dispute are these points:
  1.  Google allows you to have a maximum of 50,000 songs before asking you to pay.
  2.  It does not have any type of ads or annoyances.
  3.  It will not allow you to have all the music you want, let alone free, but if you have downloaded that music previously, it will allow you to upload it to the app.
  4.  It supports "Chromecast music". This is a quality that not everyone will appreciate as you will have to have your own Chromecast.
  5. One of the reasons why many people won´t want to change to Google Music if they already have another service is to upload all their songs again. But there is this great app called "Music Manager" its function is to upload all the music you want to your Google Music account.

Learn more about Google Music or Music Manager.

Obviously, these features won´t satisfy everybody, but if you do not want to pay for your music and you have less than 50,000 songs is one of the best applications, if not the best, for music.

And best of all, it's FREE.

Thursday, August 31, 2017


ZoomIt es un programa desarrollado por Microsoft. Con ZoomIt en presentaciones, videos tutoriales, explicaciones... Podrás hacer zoom en sitios de tu elección, hacer flechas, cuadrados, líneas rectas, escribir, dibujar por la pantalla
Al pintar o escribir podrás personalizar el color (rojo, verde, azul, naranja, amarillo, rosa) o el tamaño.

Iniciar zoom
Control + 1
Iniciar pintar
Control + 2
Iniciar cronometro
Control + 3
Iniciar escribir
Dentro de modo pintar + t
Color pantalla w(Blanco) k(Negro)
Dentro de modo pintar + w / k
Dentro de modo pintar + p
Dentro de modo pintar + r
Dentro de modo pintar + g
Dentro de modo pintar + b
Dentro de modo pintar + o
Dentro de modo pintar + y
Línea recta
Dentro de modo pintar + shift
Dentro de modo pintar + control
Dentro de modo pintar + control + shift
Dentro de modo pintar + tab / tabulador
Dentro de modo pintar + control + z
Borrar todo
Dentro de modo pintar + e
Salir modo escribir
Dentro de modo escribir + escape
Copiar pantalla
Dentro de modo pintar + control + c
Guardar pantalla
Dentro de modo pintar + control + s

Un ejemplo de lo que puedes hacer.

An example of what you can do.

ZoomIt is a program developed by Microsoft.
 With ZoomIt in presentations, videos tutorials, explanations... You can zoom in sites of your choice, make arrows, squares, straight lines, write, draw on the screen
When painting you will be able to change the color (red, green, blue, orange, yellow, pink) or the size.

Initialize zoom
Control + 1
Initialize paint
Control + 2
Initialize timekeeper
Control + 3
Initialize write
Inside paint mode + t
Color of screen
Inside paint mode + w / k
Inside paint mode + p
Inside paint mode + r
Inside paint mode + g
Inside paint mode + b
Inside paint mode + o
Inside paint mode + y
Straight line
Inside paint mode + shift
Inside paint mode + control
Inside paint mode + control + shift
Inside paint mode + tab
Inside paint mode + control + z
Erase all
Inside paint mode + e
Quit writing mode
Inside write mode + esc
Copy screen
Inside paint mode + control + c
Save screen
Inside paint mode + control + s